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Broken Water Main Repair & Installation Services in NYC

Dealing with a broken water main? Locating a breakage or a leakage in the water main requires skill, the right equipment, and an experienced team of professionals. We have the tools needed to locate any of your underground issues! We’ll save you time and money by working efficiently within your budget.

Our broken water main repair and installation services in NYC continually help local residence meet city regulations, and ensure their home is safe. We are best known for our ability to handle any size repair or replacement job in your requested time frame and at a cost-effective price. From water main repairs to new water main installations, we serve Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan & the Bronx. We specialize in all commercial and residential emergencies ,while obtaining all of the necessary permits as required for each job.


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Hydrovac Excavation Services

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Safe excavation using high-pressurized water and vacuum is also known as hydrovac, hydro excavation, hydro trenching, or soft digging. This process using high-pressurized air and vacuum is also known as soil vacuum excavation, air excavation, air knife soil excavation, or potholing. These methods are preferred for high-risk areas that contain things such as underground utility lines, cables, or other sensitive underground infrastructure. It leads to safe and reliable excavation while eliminating the possibility of damaging what is underground.

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Topsoil Delivery

Plant with REAL screened topsoil! This is the BEST pure screened top soil you will find. Serving New York State's Metropolitan area.

Hydrovac Excavation Services

Safe excavation using high-pressurized water and vacuum are preferred for high-risk areas.

Water Main Repair

Dealing with a broken water main? We'll help you locate a breakage or leakage in the water main, no problem!

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