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Complete Site Development & Excavation Services in New York

Complete Site Development, Excavation, & More…

We provide complete land and site development services for projects of all sizes, including government, commercial, public, private, emergency, and residential projects.

Ground Control Excavating, Inc. offers complete excavation services for residential and commercial projects. A premiere land-site excavating contractor, as well as, first-responder for emergencies and natural disasters in the NY area, we are committed to providing the highest level of quality to our customers throughout Orange, Sullivan, Rockland, Westchester counties and the entire Hudson Valley, NY area.

GCE is based out of Warwick, NY. We provide complete site development, road development, rock hammering, rock crushing, concrete recycling, underground utilities, septic systems, drainage, top soil, and much more. We service Warwick, Monroe, Middletown, Goshen, Newburgh and the entire Hudson Valley.

Experienced Construction Professionals

We will work with you to achieve a common goal on time and on budget!

Hydrovac Excavation Services

Providing safe digging methods of construction by utilizing high-pressurized water and vacuum.

Site-work and Development Projects in the Greater NYC Area.

We work within your budget and adhere to strict deadlines without fail. We offer a wide-range of services, including but not limited to:

  • Complete Sit Development
  • Rock Hammering
  • Foundations
  • Mobile Rock Crushing
  • Grading
  • Asphalt Paving
  • Road Development
  • Underground Utilities, Water Main, Sewer Main, Drainage
  • Gravel, Stonedust, and Top Soil
  • Land Clearing & Ponds
  • Retaining Walls
  • Heavy Equipment & Excavator Rentals
  • Septic Systems
  • Mobile Screening Plant

Complete Site Development Services

Learn more about commercial, residential, private, public, state, government, and emergency services!

Topsoil Delivery

Plant with REAL screened topsoil! This is the BEST pure screened top soil you will find. Serving New York State's Metropolitan area.

Hydrovac Excavation Services

Safe excavation using high-pressurized water and vacuum are preferred for high-risk areas.

Water Main Repair

Dealing with a broken water main? We'll help you locate a breakage or leakage in the water main, no problem!

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Hydrovac Excavation Services

Equipment & Operator Servicing the Five Boroughs of NYC


Safe excavation using high-pressurized water and vacuum is also known as hydrovac, hydro excavation, hydro trenching, or soft digging. This process using high-pressurized air and vacuum is also known as soil vacuum excavation, air excavation, air knife soil excavation, or potholing. These methods are preferred for high-risk areas that contain things such as underground utility lines, cables, or other sensitive underground infrastructure. It leads to safe and reliable excavation while eliminating the possibility of damaging what is underground.

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Excavation for Natural Disaster & Emergency Relief

We are equipped to respond to emergencies and natural disasters of any kind. See Hurricane Sandy Relief photos to right. 

In recent years, excavators and other construction machines have become an essential part of recovery and reconstruction work after major disaster. When television screens showed the huge amount of rubble resulting from Hurricane Sandy, far too much to move using manual labor, the cameras also captured a variety of construction machines at work.

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